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What is the refund policy for TPMLIVE2020?

All sales are final. We will not be offering refunds, credits, or exchanges for purchases of the “Photographer” Pass or “Platinum” Pass. Any chargebacks or disputes for a ticket will be contested with the customer’s financial institution and our credit card processing service, and this policy, provided to the customer at the time of purchase in these Terms and clearly presented in the Company website’s Frequently Asked Questions, which are available to view prior to purchase. This policy will be presented to all interested parties with additional documentation to counter any claims of this nature.

Click here to see our full Code of Conduct, Terms of Use, Refund Policy and Privacy Policy.

Can I use more than one credit card to make my purchase?

No, the full amount must be paid on one credit card.

Do you accept PayPal?

Not now, currently we can only accept valid credit or debit cards.

How can I get a receipt for tax purposes?

When you purchase your ticket, you should get a receipt. If you need one with more information on it, please email support after the conference, and they can make a custom receipt for you: [email protected]

What currency are the ticket prices in?

All prices are in US Dollars.

International customers please note: we do not charge VAT.


I can't use my existing TPM account to log in here. Help!

The digital conference is a whole new website, so you’ll need to make a new account during the purchase process of your ticket.

Can I buy a ticket just for one day?

No, we only sell tickets for the full duration of the conference.

When do I need to purchase my ticket by?

To attend the conference, you will need to purchase your ticket by September 21st. If you purchase a Photographer level ticket, you can upgrade to Platinum anytime.

Where can I read the full Code of Conduct, Terms of Use, Refund Policy and Privacy Policy?

The full Code of Conduct, Terms of Use, Refund Policy and Privacy Policy can be viewed by following this link.

Conference Content

What are "shoot outs"?

Shoot outs are 4 instructors, one model, one background, one lighting set up and 30 minutes to capture images! You’ll be able to watch as the 4 instructors work simultaneously and then be able to view the end results.

What are the course topics of the 30+ classes? Who are the instructors?

The 30 classes are guaranteed and will feature various topics including but not limited to: lighting, posing, business, marketing, etc…

We are still working on this and we will be making announcements in the exclusive Facebook group on a rolling basis.

You get access to the FB group when you purchase your ticket (check your confirmation email).

We will also make updates on the website, as they become available.

Are Courses from Sue Bryce Education or The Portrait Masters store included?

No, none of the courses on SBE ( or The Portrait Masters Store ( are included in the price of your  TPM Live Digital Conference ticket.


Can I print out each day’s schedule?

Yes! We will have a PDF version available for you to download on your dashboard as we get close to the conference. We’ll also email you this PDF ahead of time.

When will the conference schedule be finalized?

We will have a finalized PDF of the conference schedule and digital activities available for download by September 1, 2020.

What happens if I need to miss a class and want to watch the content later?

Don’t worry! Rest assured that you’ll be able to revisit any of the online conference content that is distributed live and on-demand! Our production team will work to upload all speaker sessions to your dashboard within 2 days post-conference. If you have a Photographer Pass, you’ll have access to the content for 30 days; if you have a Platinum Pass, you’ll be able to access the hosted content for life.

What are the technical requirements to attend? What should my internet speed be?

Our conference will be best viewed on a computer, however you can use the Zoom app to join the Zoom rooms (as long as their app is compatible with your device).

We recommend that you have an internet plan that allows for high definition streaming, if you aren’t sure what your current plan allows, we recommend that you contact your ISP (Internet Service Provider) before September 21st.

Will conference content be available with subtitles/languages other than English?

No, unfortunately our content is only available in English at this time. Unfortunately we do not have subtitles.

How can I sign up for the Fuji Folio Review?

You can sign up HERE to claim a spot. Please note that these are first come, first served. We will send an email to confirm your spot the week before the conference—you will need to respond to keep your seat.


Will there be swag?

Yes! We plan on having a shop where you will be able to purchase a t-shirt, water bottle, and perhaps more! Details will be coming closer to the date.